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In a world where people’s cultural and racial identity are made to appear as an impediment to the prevailing philosophy of a multicultural mix, and where everyone is deemed to be the same, this website will emphasize the heritage, history, culture and racial identity of those people who emerged from the Caucasus mountains and flooded into Europe – the people who became Danes, Swedes, English, Scots, Irish Welsh and other kindred people who formed what was loosely called Christendom in the medieval period.

The origins of these people are shrouded in mystery, yet they have been for centuries the world leaders in civilized living and have exported the Christian gospel and an envied way of life to the whole world. Today, of course, this expansion of civilization is being denigrated and all the mistakes made by the Caucasian are highlighted, investigated, debated and castigated by those that were helped by the very expansion they criticized.


By Raymond A Smyth, Posted Dec 9, 2001


In the early days of Australian history, no one doubted the fact that Australia was a nation, a European nation. Today however, we seem to be more inclined to believe that we are a country, and an Asian country at that. Is there a difference?

There is a marked difference. A nation is a family of people who share the same genetic code, the same history, the same principles, the same language. They are a people of one race. On the other hand a country is either a geographical location or a political entity. A nation can have many political divisions yet remain a nation.


Australia belongs to the British family of nations. The head of this nation is the national sovereign, the present representative being Queen Elizabeth II. All members of this nation were subjects of the Queen. The Bill of Rights of 1688 was a document which belonged to the members of this nation and was imposed upon the monarch. The Bill of Rights set boundaries to the power the monarch could wield and in conjunction with the Coronation Oath bound the monarch to recognise the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ, to uphold the Law of God and to protect the subject people. This arrangement produced the greatest amount of freedom for the greatest amount of people ever seen on the face of this earth.


Eventually, due to the great distances involved, local governments were formed, within the nation, which undertook the responsibility of governing a particular sector of that nation. These governments began to be looked upon as self governing entities, such as Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia and Australia. Every subject over whom these governments held sway was still part of the greater nation and had a contract, or birthright, with Her Majesty the Queen which ensured their freedom. A subject of the Queen had every right to petition her for the redress of any grievance which may befall them due to bad government. The Queen had a duty to listen and rectify whatever the complaint concerned was as long as it was proven and justified. A racial brotherhood of white Christian families straddled the earth adhering to one law which happily governed everyone.

The influence of this nation of happy people upon the world was beyond imagination and other nations looked with envy on the stability, prosperity and creativity of the race.


The rot set in with the introduction of political parties. Immediately they began to seek their own power and, puffed up with their own importance, commenced to slowly change us inch by inch into a country governed by ambitious politicians.

To do this they had to import people who were not of this happy race and had no loyalty to the Monarch. People who did not understand the contract the people had with the monarch. People who were unused to freedom and could be counted on to became a foreign force, sympathetic to the ambitions of political demagogues, within the nation. The introduction of welfare ensured politicians a docile, dependent, malleable group that could be manipulated and depended upon.

The next plan was to convince the populace that we were not a Constitutional Monarchy and that we were really a democracy. For in a democracy if they could convince more than 50% of the populace that making them the highest law in the land was a good thing, nothing could stop them.


History was no longer taught in schools, the Constitutional make up of the nation was never explained to generation after generation. Soon the populace no longer understood the concept of nationhood and accepted the political entity as the fount of all government. One was now exhorted to be loyal to a political party in power who, we are told, represents Australia. When that political party defined our enemies we went to war to protect their privileges and position. They strode the world stage like pretend kings and their guarantees of freedom were written on the wind. People began to suffer ignominies which would never have been countenanced if the knowledge of freedom had not been stolen from them. Politicians began to write their own laws, Judges interpreted the law as they saw fit. Justice fled from the land. The groan of servitude was heard everywhere.


Other nations were held up as examples to us, we were told we were not as good as other countries and statistics were used to prove it, mostly economic. The subtle use of the word country enforced the idea of loyalty to the political entity rather than to race.


Multiculturalism, came next. This was a direct attack on the religion that undergirded the life of our nation. We must be sympathetic and understanding to people of all faiths we were told. Even though no other religion had ever produced freedom, we were taught to clasp them to our breasts and welcome them in our midst as men of equal heritage. The idea of course was to bring enough of them in to the political entity so that the religion of the nation would be forgotten and ridiculed. When our religion and our race had gone the privileged could govern with an iron hand just as they did in almost every other nation on the face of the earth.


Of course, the latest bid for supreme power is the final blow - the Republic. The Republic if accepted would reflect all the values and aspirations of the ambitious politicians. It would be a politically correct SocialistRepublic just like the U.S.S.R. It would have a very rich elite at the top and masses steeped in poverty scrambling to remain as free as they could and justifiably suspicious of every other citizen of that Republic.


The push for a republic is, of course, theft, personal theft. These ambitious men wish to steal from you the freedom and the protection you have historically enjoyed. The tool they have used is the withholding and distorting of knowledge which has allowed them to dupe the populace into believing that if the majority of the nation, in ignorance, vote for the republic then a republic can be legally brought into existence. This, of course, is a legal fiction and amounts to personal theft by subterfuge or in other words fraud, perpetrated against every individual member of the nation.


They hope that through ignorance and lethargy, their theft can be accomplished peacefully just as the burglar hopes he will not have to use violence in the course of his crime.

But now you know. A majority vote of the populace can not legally take from you what rightfully belongs to you, your birthright. Will you hold that birthright in such low esteem that like Esau you will sell it for a mess of pottage? If you do then probably you deserve to be a slave and without doubt that is what you will become. Some people like to be slaves as they do not have to take responsibility for their own lives. If you are one of these people, I have nothing more to say to you. If however you do cherish and value your birthright as many brave men before you have and the Lord Jesus Christ died to give you, then you must inform the authorities that you do not intend that this theft will be allowed to come to fruition.


You will stand even if you have to stand alone but you will stand for Australia and your birthright. - "Natural allegiance is found on the relationship every man standeth in to the Crown considered as the head of that society whereof he is born a member, and on the peculiar privileges he deriveth from that relation which are with great propriety called his birthright; this birthright nothing but his own demerit can deprive him of; it is indefeasible and perpetual, and consequently the duty of allegiance which ariseth out of it and is inseparably connected with it, is in consideration of law likewise unalienable and perpetual." (Frost C.L. quoted with approval in R v Casement (1917).) - You will not give up your heritage without a fight. We say to those who would have a republic what will you do with people who will not accept a republic under any circumstances? Will you set aside land for us or will you force your crime upon us at the point of a gun?


A republic can only create a new entity, that entity cannot be Australia therefore we remain loyal to historic Australia and the White Christian nation it represents.